Sports & Hobbies

All children should be active, at a moderate to vigorous level, for at least 60 minutes every day, and including muscle strengthening, flexibility and bone strengthening exercises three times a week is recommended.

That may sound a lot, but little things add up and have a big overall effect.

Download the Parent Power booklet for information on getting active and trying new things.

Links & Resources

Guidelines on physical activity

Physical activity guidelines – Healthy Ireland

The National Guidelines on Physical Activity for Ireland – HSE

Physical activity and sedentary behaviour Guidelines – World Health Organisation


Getting Active

Sports you might love A great A-Z of sports on the UK’s NHS website

Teaching your children to be active – HSE



How playing sports benefits your body … and your brain A short TedEd video

50 Popular Hobbies to Start Today Looking for a new hobby to take on? Here’s a list of ideas

5 Minute Move Joe Wicks kids workouts


101 Things for Kids to do Screen-Free by Dawn Isaac. Available in bookshops and online.  The Amazon link is here.

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Sport by DK. Available in bookshops and online.  The Amazon link is here.


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Top Tips from other parents

“Have a craft session and join in with them. When you're all busy, they'll talk more.”

“Cooking is great fun. We do Come Dine with Me - one prepares and cooks with me and the others wash up. Let the children pick the dishes.”

“Group activities were great for my shy child. We signed her up at the local youth centre and it's made such a difference.”

“Make sure they enjoy what they're doing and avoid too much competition.”

“Let them have time to do nothing!!"